one man_s project wavaw was created in spring 2006. it was white_noise_power_party_#_2 at the ďTochkaĒ club, Perm city, on the 2nd of September 2006, when wavaw appeared in public for the first time. the style spectrum of works is wide and fuzzy: from light electric funk to experiments in noise and industrial spheres. sometimes electronic basis is diluted with other instruments (saxophone, flute, guitar, percussion) according to artistic ideas of the only participant, who prefers to call himself S.M., when itís needed

The first experiments in this direction were made by S.M. in 2001-02 years: the future participant of wavaw_project records a cassette series, using overlay technique with the help of two tape-recorders and mixer with two hardly working channels (overheated mixer background became the most valuable component of those_days_sound, as it turned out afterwards). Those_days_music presents spontaneous blues-like electric guitar improvisations, intermixed with dreadful sounds of made_in_the_USSR synthesizer, percussions of all kinds and plenty of various samples, not only of own production. Some of recordings of that period remind of early merzbow, they were never distributed because of absence of interest of the surrounding people.

At first penetration of digital technologies into S.M.ís works didnít reflect on new materialís quality and substance. Meanwhile material was increasing. in 2002-03 years the only wavaw participant collaborates with another talented person, whose name is omitted with etical end in view. They try themselves in the field of electronic punk-rock. This project had success in circle of young experimentators, but, to the disappointment of the participants, later came out, that this success was all due to the existence of foul language in some songs. Having just begun, the project find its end on its own. The recordings didnít get brad distribution, now they are top_secret and put away for good.

During 2004-05 S.M. was busy with self-education, connected with the work with sound itself and different tecgnical equipment, with absorbtion and conception of music and with constant creative search. No concrete projects or works were made.

The next step made by S.M. is the organisation of home studio neofixzibelt_sound, the creation of women_against_violence_against_women and work on the project (february-march 2006)

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